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Our Best Answer - How much is tuition?


For students who are residents of the State of California, an enrollment fee of $46.00 per unit is charged to all students. An enrollment fee of $23.00 is charged per 1/2 unit. In addition to the enrollement fees, there are student fees each semester (see below).

  • Health Fee- A mandatory health fee is charged each semester to all COS students enrolled in classes for units or who are repeating a class under the Community Service Option. The health fee is $19.00 for Spring and Fall semesters and $16.00 for the Summer Semester.
  • Transit Fee - Students enrolled in five (5) units or less are charged $9 per semester and six (6) units or more $10 per semester.  The transit sticker allows unlimited rides on the following transit systems for the entire semester: Visalia, Tulare, Dinuba, Porterville, Tulare Co., and Kings Area Rural.
  • Activity / Benefits Fee - Students enrolled in six (6) or more units pay a fee of $7.50 per semester for an Activity Benefits Sticker. This sticker is placed on the student ID card and entitles students to several benefits, such as: assigned lockers in the Kern bldg.; discounts with some local merchants; free entry to COS sporting events; discounts for theater/music events; eligible/consideration for Student Senate scholarships; some financial support for participating in clubs and athletic teams; prize drawings, and free promotional items/food during some Student Senate events.
  • COS Student ID Card - Students are entitled to one (1) free student ID card.  Replacement cards are $5.00.  The ID card serves many purposes in addition to identification: campus print/copy card, library card, and cos bookstore book-buy-back card. Also, a discount card with the purchase of  an activity benefits sticker and a bus pass with the purchase of a transit sticker.
  • Student Representation Fee of $1.00 per semester (for students enrolled in six (6) or more units) is charged.
  • Student Center Fee - The students of College of the Sequoias approved a $1.00 per unit ($5.00 maximum per semester) Student Center fee.  By California state law, this fee may only be used to finance, construct, enlarge, remodel, refurbish and operate the COS Campus Center.  The state does not pay for student center construction at any office of the colleges or universities; instead, it allows students to do so.  This fee will be collected each year indefinitely.
  • Parking Fees (Optional) - Students wishing to park on campus must purchase a semester parking sticker. Parking permits are purchased on a semester basis. The parking permit for both full-time and part-time students is $25.00 per semester . Motorcycle and Moped parking is free in designated areas. CSU, Fresno students are charged a $25.00 parking fee per semester. Students are charged a $15.00 fee for a summer parking permit, however, current Spring or Fall semester permits are valid for summer semester. If you pay for a daily permit and the machine fails to issue one, you may obtain a permit from another lot or from the Campus Police Office. Notify the Campus Police Department immediately of the location of the machine that is malfunctioning. Students wishing to utilize handicapped parking on campus must purchase a campus parking permit AND obtain a free handicapped parking permit from the Disability Resource Center or display a DMV issued place-card.

For a full list of fees and other information, visit the Tuition and Fees section of our website.


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