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Our Best Answer - Can I repeat a class?

Repeating a Class

Courses are repeatable if a substandard grade  (less than “C”) was earned or there are extenuating circumstances that warrant repetition of a course in which a grade of “C” or better was earned. Board Policy 4225 states that “students may repeat courses two (2) times in which substandard grades (less than “C”) were earned or a withdrawal (“W”) is assigned. However, in support of the College’s philosophy of quality collegiate education and following the guidelines of Section 55024(a)(9) of Title 5, the Board of Trustees has also limited the number of times a student may withdraw and receive a “W” notation from any course to two (2) times. This limitation does not apply to students who withdraw prior to the end of the second week of a full semester course (2nd day for Summer Semester) and who do not receive a notation of “W” on their academic record.

In order to repeat due to extenuating circumstances, it takes permission of the Dean, Student Services, or designee.  When permission to repeat is required, students may secure a Petition to Repeat a Course from the Admissions and Records Office or website and submit it for review to  the Dean, Student Services. The decision of the Dean, Student Services, may be appealed to the Vice President, Student Services.

Some courses are specifically designed to be repeated.

Courses designated “A-B”, “A-C”, and “A-D” may be repeated

for credit (ex., PE 001AD). These courses may be

repeated as follows:

“AB” may be taken 2 times for credit

“AC” may be taken 3 times for credit

“AD” may be taken 4 times for credit

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