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Our Best Answer - How do I change my BannerWeb password?

Changing or Resetting Your BannerWeb Password

To access your BannerWeb, login here

Enter your User ID, and click "Forgot pin?"  Your security question will appear.  You may reset your PIN by answering the correct answer, and you will be asked to enter a new 6-digit PIN.

Still can't login?  You may call the Registration HelpLine at (559)737-6140.  Please know, however, that your PIN cannot be reset over the telephone, as verification of your identification is required. 

If you need to reset your PIN, it may be done in person and by bringing a form of identification to either:

Visalia:  Room 107, South Sequoia Building

Hanford:  The Hub, Education Building

Tulare:  Student Services Mall, Building A

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